Providing advertising surfaces, advertisement planning, design and translation.

Co-operation with an expert company with many years of professional experience.

Advertisement translation:

We translate your advertisement into Chinese, English, German or Hungarian. We can provide assistance in the field of language and also in cultural and local characteristics. (Slogans, main titles, logos, etc.)

Advertisement design:

We can help you choose the most suitable media for your product or company. We provide consultation assistance, information about the media and the promotion cost calculation as well as complete design, planning and arrangement of your campaign.

Advertising surfaces:

  • advertising on our website, in the "Internet market-place"
  • placing logos and links on our website or other places on the internet
  • advertisements in several Chinese daily and weekly newspapers
  • production and posting of bills and posters in our own and in our partner's offices
  • preparation of postal consignments and parcels, posting to clients with the help of our computer data base
  • preparation & circulation of leaflets
  • design of advertising material for campaigns, new projects and goods, giving them to new clients visiting our office in Chinese, English, German and Hungarian