We advertise our website in different media on a regular basis!

The Internet market-place is a website providing surface for advertisement. A brief introduction of your company as well as your contact address can be found on our website. You can find any information with the search button.

By clicking on the logo you can open a separate page, which can be accessed from an advertisement placed on our main page or other pages, as requested. We provide:

  • detailed description of your company
  • introduction of your products or your service (with photos if requested)
  • regularly refreshing information, report about special events
  • placing of links if your company already has a home page

We can also design separate company home page and placing links if you want to.

We recommend our services to:

  • Firms open to and interested in the Far East
  • Hungarian firms and government agencies wishing to make contact with Chinese living in or visiting Hungary
  • Chinese firms and private individuals in Hungary
  • Firms seated in mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and Macao
  • Any other firms who feel it would be beneficial to advertise and introduce their business, their products and services on our website

Payment conditions

Our services are provided by an annual fee, which includes
25% taxes, translation and Internet fees.
Fees should be paid in forward, otherwise we can not accept your apply.

One-page company advertisement: 200 EUR / year
Classified advertisement: 150 EUR / year
Advertisement (banner) on our main page: 150 EUR / year

You can send the introduction and photos of your company by mail.
After receiving the transfer, we can translate it and place it on our website.

Our bank account:

Account number: 14700033-90403646-70630013
Name of bank: IC BANK RT.
Address: 1132 BUDAPEST, VACI UT 20-26. (HUNGARY)
Swift code: INCNHUHB

WARNING: Please fill in your company's name by "notes"; otherwise we will not know the origin of the transfer.