Our company was established in 1999, we specialise in interpretation, translating, advertisement, business management and administration. We are well acquainted with the Chinese community in Hungary, and also well known in many state institutions and commercial associations, which are interested in China.

    Through transacting business we have great experience in receiving business delegations from the People's Republic of China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and Macao. As the official language of these countries and administrative areas is mandarin Chinese, we can help them overcome the language barrier, and we are also well acquainted with their business traditions. Our customers turn to us in confidence, often with references from our previous customers.

    Our principal aim is to help state organizations, businessmen and private individuals in making contact with each other, and to find a reliable partner in our country and in Europe. We can provide cultural and professional assistance to fulfil these aims. We can help you to avoid the problems caused by differences in languages and cultural customs, and to make you and your enterprise flourish.

As part of the struggle for Membership in the European Union our company got also a little bit more international. Hungary is a trading hub of Central-East Europe and this part of Europe is developing very fast. By getting more and more part of European commerce we try to open a gate between the East part of this world and Europe to help you reach commercial goals.